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August 15, 2009

Dad seems to be under the delusional impression that I'm organized and focused. He's apparently not been paying attention when he comes up to visit me in the apartment. I admit that I do hang my shirts, pants, and skirts in the closet in order of color and style. That is, of course when I actually hang things up --- which may happen every few months --- "few" being the operative, vaguely indefinite, noncommital term --- basically it means sometime after I've become sufficiently frustrated about not finding any of my clothes because they're all in the stacks that cover the bottom of the bed, the back of the chair and the seat of the chair (to keep the chair from falling over backwards from the weight of clothes hung across the back of the chair).

And that's not to mention the livingroom of the apartment where several unfinished projects compete for surface areas along with items that I have not decided on a logical (organized) category of where to put them and so they reside in a sort of conceptual limbo which translates to physically lying around until I decide on something to do with them. And then there's the kitchen table for the overflow of unfinished projets and ambiguous items.

So I thought I'd treat you to views of my desk at work to make my point.

my deskmy desk
my deskmy desk

But, perhaps I could count my OCD tendencies as focused. It allows me to get intensely focused on the current problem, project or task. So much so that I can ignore everything else — like the clothes all over the bedroom. But then there's the competing ADHD that distracts me to a new task in the middle of the previous task(s). But then the OCD lets me focus really intently on numerous tasks and the ADHD lets me move from one to the next really really fast so I can work on all of them at once!

Then the type A part of myself wants to finish things perfectly while the type B part of myself says "oh that's close enough, let it go". To which the type A replies "no, we've got to get it nicer". The type A teams up with the OCD and the type B aligns with the ADHD and we have a free-for-all that results in the clothes all over the bed, the shoes all over the floor and stuff lying about everywhere in the apartment. But eventually the type A and OCD clean everything up and are happy again.






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