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What's in a name

June 21, 2009

For a number of years I've wanted to create a website. So now that I've decided to actually do it, what to name it? I was more interested in all the stuff I was going to put on it.... but it did need a name.

The first one I came up with was "i-mardi". I like references which can be interpreted in several different ways. So this one could refer to the fact that this is the internet version of myself — as opposed to the administrative assistant self, the mother of dogs and cats self, the scavanger of road-side discards self, the... well you get the idea.

And it could also represent "I" as in myself; appropriate for a website basically about me. But then it also wasn't a very flashy or cool title. So I sent out a request to the younger of my relatives and friends asking for suggestions.

Nephew Josh suggested: "what about mardi-raw.com? its like mardi gras but different. thats just what came to my brain". I really liked that suggestion. It could be interpreted in several different ways, all cool!

But then my brother David pointed out: "Mardi-raw is a bit too edgy for someone pushing 60." However, I responded, edgy is just what I like about it! And who says I can't be edgy at 60. But then I started thinking about it more.....

I liked edgy, I wanted edgy ... not the edgy-violent direction or the edgy-porno but more like cool edgy -- going in unexpected directions - thinking outside the box - being unpredictable -- that's the way I've imagined myself... though on consideration I realized that in fact, when observing my actual life style and choices.... I'm not at all how I've imagined myself....

I was thinking raw as in raw images - unformatted or raw video - unedited — raw as in no processing, no makeup, no explanations..... except that then I began to think about that and realized that I've never actually been edgy or cool. I was a hippie only in attitude and costume - I never did any of the edgy part of the counterculture — no drugs, no living in a commune.....I never ran away (except in my mind) or marched in protest (though I agreed with all the causes) or hung out in hippie hooka bars.

And my art isn't edgy either. And my website is neither edgy nor raw..... so although I still think a 60 year old can be edgy - I'm not - and I'm not raw either - I'm highly edited. In fact I have several different edited versions of myself. And this website is extremely edited.

So, David is right, I'm not raw.

But then I wrote my friend Shirley about my multiple highly-edited versions of myself on display here. She replied: "so how about "3 faces of mardi" . . . or pick any number you want . . . mardi x 3, or mardi x 4, etc." I thought about that for several days and decided I really liked it.

But just as I was about to register that domain name the thought occurred to me..... "mardiX3" ... what if people read that as "mardi xxx"!!! Not a good thing! And it wouldn't help to make it X4 or X5.... just make it worse! So I polled my grad students and they said yes, it could definitely be mis-read that way by those who are looking for that "x" rating on websites...... Death of a great idea running headlong into varient human perspectives .....

So, as you see from the banner, I've gone with my original idea ..... I just went around the block to come back in the front door again! And I decided another reading of it could be "i dash mardi" which also describes my ADHD and OCD personality!!








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