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2011 - June - Christopher graduation — back to LA

Less family from our side flew out to LA this year for Christopher's graduation. But we had a delightful time anyway! David once more found a charming hotel for us, this time in Venice Beach.

Venice BeachVenice Beach

We were just a few blocks away from the wonderful canals with the delighful walking paths down each side.

We also walked through the sculpture gardens at UCLA and went out to the famous Santa Monica pier.

sculpture gardenSanta Monica Pier

Of course David and Dolores wined and dined us, took us on a walk through another charming part of the city, and took us around the Botanical gardens. As always the consumate hosts!


Of course, the graduation celebrant wasn't at the breakfast - he was finishing off his final papers to actually graduate. His brother Alex was there and cousin Josh. But Josh's mom, Jan, couldn't make it out to LA with a last minute emergency. And Josh had to go to work later. So he drove all the way up to LA for a breakfast without seeing either the cousin who was graduating or his mother! But it was a great breakfast anyway and Josh was the life of the party - as usual.

on to the graduation part!

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