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2010 - February - Janelle and Byron wedding

The wedding was beautiful. They turned the church gymnasium into an indoor park. They got several dozen huge (6ft--10ft) Christmas trees in January from the city dump after everyone had thrown them out. Being as it was Wisconsin, there was to problem just leaving them stacked in the church parking lot for a month or so until the wedding.

For the wedding they set up a gazebo in the middle of the gym, with Japanese lantern lights strung out to the walls, trees set up around the walls, and tables all in the middle surrounding the gazebo. There were moss tray gardens on the tables and under the trees. There were candles lining pathways winding through the tables.

The reception dinner started as soon as people arrived and then there was an intermission in the dinner for the wedding ceremony. It was all beautiful and creative.

The professional photographers had better cameras than me, and better flash lighting. My little camera didn't do too well with the dark romanticly lit gym! the pictures I tried to take were too dark and too fuzzy in the low light. So I didn't get many pictures of the wedding or the decorations..... sorry.

I did get lots of pictures of everyone setting up the gym and a few of the wedding!

David took better pictures of the wedding, so I've borrowed a few of his here.


How the gym started out before the trees and lights and tables gym
Putting up the gazebo; round dinner tables are stacked against the wall. gazebo
Beginning to string the lights light hanging
Starting to hang the lights lights
Some of the many tray gardens planters
More tray gardens waiting to be put on tables and around the gym. planters
Lights going up; tables beginning to be set up. lights
This isn't a photo from the wedding. I didn't get any photos of the trees around the room. So this is a digital image I created of what it looked like to show you what it was like. trees
The wedding begins. Byron is standing under the gazebo waiting for Janelle to join him.
David and Alexander at our table. wedding
Janathan and Kimberly at our table. wedding
Janelle the beautiful bride! janelle
The royal couple, Byron and Janelle, presiding. Byron and Janelle
Janelle and Dolores - happy girl talk. Janelle and Dolores
Josh and Mardi Josh and Mardi
Breakfast the next morning with family. breakfast

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