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Los Angeles

While we were in Los Angeles, the next day after Alexander's graduation, David took us on a walking tour that included a truly magnificent contemporary Catholic church that was incredible in its beauty and it's spiritual resonance.


We saw the ultra chrome swirling sculptural creativity of the Disney headquarters, and the massive black building for the Department of Transportation that the Police Department next door calls "the Death Star" - appropriately as it does resemble the huge, menacing space ships of the dark forces in Star Wars!

Disney headquartersbuilding LA

We went through a vibrantly varied street market area next to the original pueblo from which LA eventually developed. David treated us to lunch at a Mexican restaurant there and we continued walking around seeing and enjoying all the many interesting sights and buildings in downtown LA, the beautiful library and more parks and fountains everywhere.

library fountain

There were wonderful mosaics and relief art on so many of the buildings, free-standing sculptures in plazas, parks and even beside the highways.


David commented that you can't walk around LA for very long without encountering a film crew! We saw two. We stopped to watch this one - nothing really happened while we were there. They were just setting up the one shot of the guy who has been hit by a car. But you see where Jan and Dolores' sister, Carmen, went over to find out what was being filmed - it was for a music video.
movie shootmovie shoot
I took 130 pictures just on the walking tour — but I won't post them all here!


On the left above is the Bradbury building where some memorable scenes from "Bladerunner" were filmed and on the right is the Library with the series of cascading pools running down the hill.


Left photo: Jan in plaid pants, David's shoulder in red shirt, Josh in baseball cap, Alexander in aqua shirt, Dad in dark hat, Deb in white shirt. Right photo: Dolores and Christopher (striped shirt) top of stairs, David, Deb, and Jan bottom of stairs.

Dad, Graduation Guy Alex, his brother Chris and Deb.

And a good time was had by all
No, there aren't any pics of me because I was the one with the camera!

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