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Natasha and DJ wedding - South Carolina

The wedding was at a converted mill on a lovely mill pond (complete with lily pads) at the end of a long gravel drive with huge trees draped in Spanish moss, and surrounded by forest.


Natasha's grandparents from her McQuilkin side and her Barber side in the near seats. DJs family in the seats on the other side.


Natasha's family from the McQuilkin side in front, from her Barber side behind. There were at least three times as many Barbers as everyone else! Notice that we got seats under a tree. Notice that the Barbers came prepared with large umbrellas for shade!

familyDavid and Dolores

The wedding
justin & steph

The reception was in the large brick building that was probably the former mill but now looks more like a stately Southern mansion surrounded by brick patios and a low brick wall with little statues. It had huge rooms with high ceilings and floor-to ceiling windows all along the front and back. There was also a very large fireplace and beautiful hardwood floors. 

decorationsdj & tasha
deb and amy
Sandra, Jan and Amy
DJ, Tasha, Steph
Amy, Steph, Ron
Deb & Sandra
Tossing the bouquet

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