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The House

So you want to come visit!
We (the humans) live upstairs with Cricket (see Kids for a who's-who) and Sweetpea. Mousekins lives in this yard along with a whole lot of squirrels and birds, as well as the occasional 'possum and rabbit... and a few neighborhood cats who come by for snacks. our house
Downstairs are: my art studio, storage for lots of stuff, a workshop, and Pookins and Abbey Cat. front porch
This is our living room after I cleaned it up. It's kind of like me — I get all fixed up for photos but that's not the way I look normally! (see blog) living room
Sweetpea and Cricket looking out the front door. The windows and doors, looking out on trees full of birds and squirrels are the cat TV. cats in the livinroom
Bedroom through the dressing table mirror. dressing table
Sweetpea showing you the bedroom bedroom
Sweetpea and the other side of the room bedroom

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