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Kids 1: the kitty cats

Cricket lives upstairs all the time. Sweetpea spends her days upstairs and her nights downstairs. Pookins and Abbey cat live downstairs all the time. And new kitty Yaiyo goes outside and inside whenever he meows!

Abbey catPookins catSweetpea cat
Clockwise above: Abbey cat's baleful look, Pookins deciding to come in or out, Sweetpea pausing in her morning bath, Cricket curled up in her nest on the sofa.

yellow catyellow catyellow cat
This is our newest cat, Yaiyo a big strong boy who ran away from his family down the street with lots of loud rambunctious kids and insisted on coming to our house. Even through the coldest winter nights, he stayed on our font porch. And when his boys came up the street and called to him he ran away around back of our neighbor's house to get away from them! So we finally let him start coming in.

calico cat
And this is Calico, who lives with me in the apartment in Columbia. We're not sure how old she is but she's somewhere between 12 and 15 years old. She's still pretty spry for an old cat!
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