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Pics of Me

These are for those friends who haven't seen me in awhile and want to know what I look like now. You may remember me when my hair was a lot longer and my body a lot thinner. Or you may remember when my hair was a lot curlier. Well, these are what I look like now.... relatively speaking.... more or less.... most of the time.

mardi 2008 Christmas 2006 - hair was longer mardi 2007 my office 2007 - hair still long mardi 2008 Christmas 2008 - hair shorter

So most people have casual photos of their life. But I don't have anyone else taking pics of me - I'm the one taking pictures of everyone else. So the closest I can get to candid pics are these kind of photos that I take for my artwork. I think up images that involve figures. The easiest way to get an arm in this position or a leg in that position is to pose myself and set the timer on the camera! Then I can manipulate them to correspond to the figure I'm trying to create.

mardi candid mardi candid

Oh, and some of you might like to see where I work. Our offices are above the chapel on the old Horseshoe area of the campus.
USC horseshoe my office is over there behind the life oak office my building is the oldest building on campus stairs you go into the vestibule of the chapel and then up the stairs to the right
stairs up the stairs three flights - no elevators! office my office is in the middle of all the faculty offices

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